So… that just happened! We won the Innovative Business of the Year title at the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s 23rd Annual Small Business Awards.

It all went down on November 2nd at the National Conference Center in Lansdowne. A blue-ribbon committee of business leaders and industry experts carefully examined a record number of applications to select the 38 award finalists. And we came out on top!

“I salute all our 2017 Loudoun County Small Business Award honorees. Just to be named a finalist is a tremendous honor, as these companies were judged by their peers to be among the ‘best of the best’ small businesses and entrepreneurs in our community. For those that took home top honors, I congratulate you for your achievement and for your commitment to business excellence, superior customer service and commitment to our Loudoun community”

— Tony Howard, Loudoun Chamber of Commerce President & CEO.

How are we innovative, you might ask?

We’ve been driven by innovation from the word Go. Automotive Quality Solutions represents an uncommon sort of commercial enterprise, a type of business unique within Loudoun and well beyond. From our comprehensive suite of protective and restorative services, to the high-tech and environmentally conscientious ways we deliver them, AQS has always been a one-stop shop committed to innovative solutions that result in informed, satisfied customers.

Innovative Techniques

Paintless dent repair; ceramic clear-coating; self-healing paint protection films and finishes. Not every job needs a complete re-paint. We always start with the least aggressive (and often less expensive) methods first. Often, we can use paintless dent repair and a paint correction detail to remove dents and scratches. Once a vehicle is back in shape and looking great, we can help keep it looking that way with permanent ceramic paint protection, and self-healing paint protection film. Of course, if painting and autobody repair is required, we have the latest technologies and premium automotive finishes available.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Full-car photo booth; painting and curing booth; full-car hot-water wash bay. We challenge anyone to be able to tout similar features in a shop of our size.

Environmental Awareness and Protection

Water-recycling wash bay; water-based paint (not solvent- based); lean, green supply inventory; heat-sensored office lighting controls. Our recycled-water wash bay does a magnificent job of scrubbing away oil and dirt, heating four gallons of water each minute to a temperature of 160 degrees for an efficient clean – all while recycling nearly every drop of water, minimizing waste. Our paint booth is insulated, allowing us to apply paint with as much energy efficiency as possible, our water-based primers, tints and finishes have abundant health advantages over solvent-based paints. In our shop and in our office, heat-sensing light switches help regulate energy use, automatically turning lights off when rooms are vacant. We take full advantage of Loudoun County’s single-stream recycling program, we use only biodegradable giveaway bags in our marketing outreach, we’ve installed EnergyStar-compliant appliances, and we’ve even re-purposed unused wooden pallets into handy work benches.

New Approach to Marketing and Customer Service

Complimentary shop tour; online marketing only, and only to customers who request the communication; committed to informing customers by explaining technical concepts in understandable layman’s terms. We involve our customer at every step, offering a tour of our facility and taking time to ensure technical details are understood so the customer makes informed decisions and achieves the results they demand.

From our many innovations come quality, and from our quality comes pride. We enjoy showing customers the features and amenities of the AQS facility, so you can witness our work in action. We want you to see why AQS is so sought-after, and why you were right to choose us.

“We’re always happy to take a look at your vehicle with you, discuss options, and put together a plan of action to get your vehicle back to, or help keep it, looking great!”