What does a driver do when wintertime road conditions like salt and sand corrode or damage the paint or body of your beloved car – or even better, what’s the best thing to do to avoid common winter wear and tear so your family vehicle looks fresh come spring?

Call or stop by Automotive Quality Solutions, is one really good idea. Contact us at 571-291-9401 (fax 703-858-3487) or visit 21670 Red Rum Dr, Ste 149, (behind building 21660) Ashburn, VA. AQS has a full team of experienced professionals who are experts in specialized, customized automotive reconditioning, cosmetic repair and detailing services – many of which are wonderful preventive measures against the Bane of the Grain:

  • Ceramic OPTI-COAT PRO PLUS paint sealant & coatings – truly permanent chemical bond for a long-lasting hydrophobic coating, giving a cleaner look in rain and snow
  • Synthetic-wax protective sealants for total protection all winter long (six months or so)
  • Organic-wax protective coatings for deep, shiny protection for a month or so
  • Indoor spray booth for precise paint coat repair & restoration
  • XPEL Ultimate self-healing clear bra film
  • Customized application of clear wax coating
  • Removal of scratches, gouges, scrapes, dings
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Windshield & glass repair
  • Wheel & rim repair

More information about Automotive Quality Solutions services can be obtained at https://www.automotivequalitysolutions.com/services.

This blog post is being written early one magnificent Loudoun County morning in late January 2018, when the low temperature in Northern Virginia is a balmy 14 degrees.

And you know what they say around here in or near Fairfax, VA: If you don’t like our all-seasons, sometimes-all-in-the-same-day, Mid-Atlantic, temperate-zone topsy-turvy weather, just wait a little bit – it’ll change.

One thing we know for sure, from Loudoun to Arlington to Prince William, is cold and dry quickly turns to cold and wet. Another thing folks in Reston, Leesburg, Chantilly, Vienna, Falls Church, Manassas, Middleburg, Purcellville and even our friends in Clarke and Winchester all know too well:

At the first sign of the merest threat of snow or sleet or freezing rain falling upon our roads, those big ole VDOT trucks will be rumbling around, laying down various treatment mixtures including a brine of salt (to melt ice) and sand (to give traction) which we merrily drive through for miles and miles, spraying it up from where it’s useful to where it’s harmful – i.e., your car’s paint, body, windshield and windows and wheels and rims.

You don’t want your car’s paint covered in that gunk for one winter, let alone three or four. You don’t want salt, sand, brine, stones, wet leaves or bird droppings to cause your vehicle’s looks, value and quality to suffer.

Get it off fast. Better yet, don’t let corrosion or damage from salt, sand and other debris erode your car’s beauty and value in the first place. The best move is to use Optimum Pro Coatings – ultimate protection for any car’s surface – of which Automotive Quality Solutions is proud to be among the very few authorized dealers and installers in Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C., area. Check out AQS’s amazing videos of Opti Coat Pro Plus in action at https://www.automotivequalitysolutions.com/services/optimum-pro-coatings.

Early winter, late winter, the middle of winter, the dog days of summer…it’s always a smart time to get your car’s paint permanently protected. The result is a car that 1) is protected against corrosive salt and sand, and 2) looks clean because those sand and salt grains aren’t reaching the paint coat.

Moreover, as Automotive Quality Solutions founder Daryl likes to point out, whatever money an owner invests in protecting their car, they’ll save two and in some cases three times that amount in damage repairs they don’t have to make, and/or in lost resale value.

It’s simple, Daryl says. Get your car nice and clean with an AQS hand-wash detail (no acidic nor alkaline pressure-washing here that’s hard on cars). Then have Automotive Quality Solutions put a good clear coat of wax on your car’s paint. And do this as soon as you can, because around here, salt happens.

About Automotive Quality Solutions: Established in 2012 by Loudoun County resident and serial entrepreneur Daryl Collette, AQS offers premium detailing, reconditioning, paintless dent repair, paint protection and cosmetic body restoration to private individuals and car dealerships throughout Northern Virginia. AQS maintains a 15,000 square-foot facility in Ashburn full of state-of-the-art equipment, including a curing booth and a whole-car photography stage.

In 2017, AQS was honored by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce as its Innovative Business of the Year. Come visit our shop at 21670 Red Rum Drive, Suite 149, Ashburn, VA, for a tour of our facilities. Learn more about AQS at CPR4Cars.com and call 571-291-9401 or drop by to make an appointment.

AQS is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday (for estimates, dropoffs and pickups) from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.