What Offers Better Protection for Your Car’s Finish?

Between the get-away to the Outer Banks and the weekly family outings, summer fun can take a toll on your car. That coating of dead bugs lining your front grill and hood after a long road trip? A little disgusting, but over time can also be destructive to your vehicle’s paint. Yet, did you know that it’s when you attempt to remove the remnants of dirt, sand and grime your vacation left behind that you can do real damage to your car’s finish? That’s right. If your vehicle is not cleaned properly, those elements act as abrasive particles, adhering to a sponge, microfiber or cloth, and slowly grinding away at the exterior coating; much like sandpaper.

So where do you take your car or truck to safely clean the surface, as well as protect and restore its clear coat finish? In the Northern Virginia area, the choices are numerous, however not all are created equal. Traditional car washes, with their enticingly low prices and speedy production lines may be appealing, but at what cost? Most modern operations have eliminated brushes due to scratching, but even brushless and touchless system can result in cosmetic damage if there’s isn’t a careful wipe-down process in place. There’s no way an automatic operation can provide the attention to detail necessary to gently care for your car’s particular needs. So when it comes to preserving and protecting your vehicle’s exterior and interior, there is no better option than a specialized automotive detail.

Even among companies that offer detailing services, the savvy consumer needs to understand the details of the detailing to know whether you’re getting the best service for your car. At Automotive Quality Solutions (AQS), we want our customers to be informed consumers, understanding the differences in techniques, as well as complete transparency on what is included in our packages. To make it easy, AQS offers four levels of detail packages: Express, Value, Full and Premium. More information of what is included in each service, can be found in under the Automotive Detailing section of our site.

Regardless of which level you select, every detail begins with a deep, safe cleaning. Here at AQS, we’ve developed a technique to carefully “lift” dirt and grime away from the surface, minimizing the abrasive action of the wash process. This cleaning is performed in the context of environmentally friendly operations by highly-trained technicians. Once the vehicle surface is clean, the work of removing those deeply embedded pollutants (i.e. dead bugs) continues through the optional clay bar treatment of your car’s paint, glass and metal. And what if you happened to have been caught driving in a summer hail storm and have the pock-marked dents to show for it? Automotive Quality Solutions can fix that, too. Expert buffing and paintless dent repair are two of our many specialties.

However, having a shiny, like-new exterior is only half the fun of an AQS detail. Whether your daily commute has taken its toll, or its the messy remnants of being ‘Uber Mom’, your vehicle’s interior can start to look less than pristine. AQS techs know how to provide the TLC it needs to return it to its former glory. Correcting stains, repairing leather, and removing odors are a few of the customizable services we offer. At AQS, we believe summer should be remembered by vacations taken, backyard barbecues hosted, and good times shared. Memories should be posted on Instagram, not embedded in your passenger seat. Call today to make an appointment and be reminded how great it is to drive a car that looks like it just came off the lot.

About Automotive Quality Solutions: Established in 2012 by Loudoun County resident and serial entrepreneur Daryl Collette, AQS offers premium detailing, reconditioning, paintless dent repair, paint protection and major collision auto body repair to private individuals and car dealerships throughout Northern Virginia. AQS maintains a 15,000 square-foot facility in Ashburn full of state-of-the-art equipment, including a curing booth, whole-car photography stage and a new state of the art frame straightening machine with measuring system.

In 2017, AQS was honored by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce as its Innovative Business of the Year. Come visit our shop at 21670 Red Rum Drive, Suite 149, Ashburn, VA, for a tour of our facilities. Learn more about AQS at CPR4Cars.com and call 571-291-9401 or drop by to make an appointment.

AQS is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday (for estimates, drop offs and pickups) from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.