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Storms in our area often have the potential to develop significantly sized hail. It is even possible that your car may have hail damage that you’ve never noticed before. Our certified, master dent repair technicians can assess and repair all types of hail damage, and we can usually repair the dented surface using a technique called, “paintless dent repair”, “paintless dent removal” or “PDR”. PDR is a quick and inexpensive repair process where technicians use specialized tools to remove hail dents and damage from the exterior of a vehicle without disturbing the existing paint finish.

The metal surfaces of cars are stamped into shape by large, heavy presses. Often, the shape of the metal described by the stamping process becomes the preferred shape of the metal – a sort of remembered shape. If dents are repaired quickly enough, the metal will likely “pop” back into its preferred shape. A paintless dent repair technician uses special tools to reach in behind a dent and carefully push and “massage” the dent back out. In most cases, the dented metal will pop back into place – completely restoring the factory surface, without the need to paint. PDR technicians can also apply a pull tab with a specialized adhesive to the exterior of the dent and “pull” the dent out. The glue is then harmlessly removed from the painted surface. Metal has a “memory” that fades over time (much like our own!) – so, the sooner one of our PDR Technicians gets to your dents, the better – come in today!

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Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an art form – bending and reshaping metal takes patience, finesse, experience, and strong arms! An inexperienced PDR Technician will often try to push a dent out from the center with brute force. This can often cause the metal to stretch and crown – giving the repair a slightly warped look. Improper technique can lead to a large dent looking like a series of smaller dents – a bit like the surface of a golf ball. Our technicians have years of experience working with metal and slowly massage dents away. When it comes to PDR, nothing can take the place of experience – and here at AQS, we have a lot of it!