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Opti-Coat Pro Plus Versus Ceramic Pro (Spoiler Alert: Opti-Coat Pro Plus Wins)

It’s a battle of heavyweights in the paint protection film industry: Opti-Coat Pro Plus squaring off against Ceramic Pro for the title of Undisputed Best Automotive Paint Sealant.

Let’s skip to the end: Opti-Coat Pro Plus wins in a knockout.

Opti-Coat Pro Plus vs. Ceramic Pro

The auto body and auto paint professionals at Automotive Quality Solutions all agree: As a paint protectant and exterior sealant, Opti-Coat Pro Plus (full name Optimum Pro Coatings) is better than any of its competitors, including Ceramic Pro.

The reason has to do with chemistry: While many paint protection films just lie on top of your car’s paint job and provide a physical barrier to dirt, harsh chemicals, the sun and natures acids like bird droppings, sap, wet leaves, etc for as long as it lasts – which is usually not much more than a year or two. Opti-Coat Pro Plus, on the other hand, forms a chemical bond with the paint that renders it completely protected for the life of the car. 

It Never Needs to be Reapplied!

  • We think that’s a much better deal. That’s why we at AQS have worked to become one of the very few authorized installers of the Opti-Coat Pro Plus ceramic coatings and the entire Optimum line of products in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC area.

Our owner Daryl gave us a brief technical rundown about what makes Opti-Coat Pro Plus a true paint coating providing total, permanent protection, while Ceramic Pro and similar products act merely as temporary sealants.

“Ceramic Pro has small particles of ceramic in a solution, like gum-drops in Jello and those particles have space in between them. Opti-Coat is nothing but ceramic, and as it cures the surface is protected with a permanent seamless ceramic coating with no gaps at all.”

Learn more about Opti-Coat Pro Plus by watching the process in action here!

Opti-Coat Pro Plus provides superior scratch resistance and permanent protection for painted surfaces; the Optimum full product line also includes protective products for interiors (cloth/leather), glass, hard plastic, chrome and aluminum trim, and wheels.

Opti-Coat Pro Plus vs. Ceramic Pro

See more after shots and in action videos below!

Opti-Coat Pro Plus vs. Ceramic Pro


About Automotive Quality Solutions: Established in 2012 by Loudoun County resident and serial entrepreneur Daryl Collette, AQS offers premium detailing, reconditioning, paintless dent repair, paint protection and cosmetic body restoration to private individuals and car dealerships throughout Northern Virginia. AQS maintains a 15,000 square-foot facility in Ashburn full of state-of-the-art equipment, including a curing booth and a whole-car photography stage.

In 2017, AQS was honored by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce as its Innovative Business of the Year. Come visit our shop at 21670 Red Rum Drive, Suite 149, Ashburn, VA, for a tour of our facilities. Learn more about AQS at CPR4Cars.com and call 571-291-9401 or drop by to make an appointment.

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