It used to be that the automotive headlight was a large glass light bulb that would need to be replaced if the light burned out, was cracked, or otherwise damaged. Now, headlights are clear plastic cases that surround small, high-intensity light bulbs. The light bulbs are easily replaced in the event of a burn out, but the plastic housing continues to age and weather as a result of constant exposure over the life of the car. Often, headlights become hazed, cracked, or yellowed as a result of constant exposure to the elements. Automotive Quality Solutions can restore cloudy, hazy, or yellowed headlight lenses to like-new condition by removing the factory finish coating with a new UV resistant clear coat. Headlights will look new – adding value and making your car safer and more enjoyable to drive.

What Make AQS Different?

Our process. At AQS we are constantly evolving our processes to attain peak results. We’re simply not happy with sub par results – and we’ll do something over if it isn’t exactly right. When it comes to headlight restoration, we take each faded headlight through a time intensive process of sanding with progressively finer sand paper to remove the pitting and scratching that causes the headlight fading. We then coat the repaired lens with a UV protectant clear coat finish – to keep the repaired headlight looking its best.

photograph of a headlight divided in two with tape, one half is faded and one half has been restored

Here, we’ve restored one side of a faded headlight to show the difference that our headlight restoration process can make.

photograph of a faded headlight lens

Here is a headlight that has faded over time. The foggy lens is unsightly and dangerous.

photograph of an AQS detail technician sanding a faded headlight in the headlight restoration process

Here we slowly sand away scratches and pitting, preparing the lens for buffing and a new UV clear coating.

photograph of a headlight that has been restored

After sanding and the addition of a new UV protection clear coat – the headlight looks new!

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