Optimum Gloss Coat paint coating

OPTIMUM Gloss-Coat

Optimum Gloss-Coat is a consumer grade ceramic coating designed to last 2 years. Gloss-Coat provides increased protection from harsh chemicals, increased scratch resistance, a super hydrophobic finish for easy maintenance, and anti- water spotting properties. Once applied, simple bi- weekly washes are the only required maintenance for the life of the coating.

OPTIMUM Gloss-Coat Installation Process

During a thorough hand washing of all surfaces, a paint cleaner is used to remove any industrial fallout and rail dust which may have accumulated during shipping of a new vehicle. A chemical cleaning is effective at cleaning deep into the pores of the painted surface. The paint is then clayed to remove any remaining contaminants such as sap, bug residue, road film, etc. The clay remove any rough bumpy feeling on the paint, leaving a completely smooth and clean surface. A machine applied primer polish is then applied which will promote bonding, speed up cure time, increase gloss, and help to further clean the paint. Paint correction and scratch removal should occur before the primer polish and may incur additional time and cost to the Optimum Product installation. (At AQS, we take great care to use proper products and techniques to insure that no swirl marks, holograms, or buffer marks are introduced into the painted surface.) The OPTIMUM Gloss-Coating is then applied to all painted surfaces, hard plastic, headlights & taillights, chrome & aluminum trim.