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Comprehensive & Long-Lasting Vehicle Disinfection & Cleaning


Enjoy fresh and sanitized vehicles with disinfectant and cleaning services from Automotive Quality Solutions – a PURTEQ service partner. We provide advanced surface cleansing, decontamination and long-term protection via a fast-acting application that destroys a wide variety of impurities in automotive interior spaces.

Our disinfectant and cleaning services begin by applying PURTEQ’s EPA-registered and approved disinfectant treatment FRESCH™, proven to kill 99.9% of viruses, germs, bacteria, allergens, mold and fungi. Application of PURTEQ’s PREVNT™ delivers continuous self-cleaning and long-term sanitation for up to 90 days of surface protection. Automotive Quality Solutions applies the solutions safely and quickly, ensuring your vehicle stays protected against bacteria, allergen and viruses as much as possible.

Reduce the potential for the growth of bacteria and automotive surface contamination with the application of our safe antimicrobial surface purification and protection compound.

AQS is proud to be an authorized PURTEQ Partner. The AQS team has been deploying PURTEQ’s FRESCH™ and PREVNT™ disinfection and cleaning solutions for over 8 years throughout the Washington DC region.

Protecting Your Family

Comprised of PURTEQ’s top solutions that work to disinfect and clean surfaces for up to 90 days, AQS deploys FRESCH™ and PREVNT™ wherever you need protection.

Your vehicle is the first point of contact after leaving gas stations, grocery stores, workplaces and more. The interior surfaces of your vehicle are then highly susceptible to the transmission of contaminants, with a greater likelihood of spreading once you arrive home. Application of our nano-coating surface purification to the interior of your vehicle provides ongoing sanitation to protect you and your family.

Note that PURTEQ’s powerful surface disinfectant solution (FRESCH™) serves to supplement existing health and safety precautions, such as ones already outlined by the CDC, when it comes to preventing the transmission of contaminants. It does not replace health guidelines to protect against person-to-person transmission, instead the disinfectant (FRESCH™) and cleansing application (PREVNT™) enhance your safety via an added layer of protection for up to 90 days on vehicle surfaces.

The Science Behind Our Vehicle Disinfectant & Cleaning Solution

Automotive Quality Solutions is a proud service partner of PURTEQ. The PURTEQ treatments – FRESCH™ and PREVNT™ – combine antimicrobial chlorine dioxide and photocatalyst nano-titanium dioxide (TiO2) for a powerful, self-sustaining coating capable of disinfection (FRESCH™) and purification (PREVNT™). PURTEQ’s FRESCH™ is proven to kill 99.9% of contaminants, bacteria and viruses, and is registered as No. 34810-25 as an N-List Disinfectant approved by the EPA for use against the novel coronavirus. For over a decade, PURTEQ’s industry-leading cleaning and disinfecting solutions have been widely used, in hospitals and businesses alike. At Automotive Quality Solutions, we’ve treated vehicles for the past eight years with this revolutionary product.

Once thoroughly disinfected with FRESCH™, PREVNT™ will work for up to 90 days to prevent surface contamination by using the chemical reaction from ultraviolet light to remove organic matter that bacteria use as food sources for growth. The solutions are safe, non-toxic and do not damage treated surfaces as they are colorless and odorless. Automotive Quality Solutions applies the treatment safely and quickly, ensuring your vehicle stays protected against bacteria, allergen and viruses as much as possible.

Automotive Quality Solutions serves the greater Washington, DC area as a PURTEQ service partner, delivering quality, effective disinfecting solutions for your vehicle.

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