Wheel and Rim Repair

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Restore Damaged Wheels and Rims

Roadside curbs jump out and grab rims – we swear! It’s happened to us all – even the most seasoned of parallel parkers – that cold grinding sound of metal rims on concrete curb. Automotive Quality Solutions can remove the curb damage to most wheels and rims. We’ll repair the damaged rim just as if we were repairing a bumper or fender. We sand or grind down the damaged area to prepare a good bonding surface for repair and painting. The damaged area is then repaired and repainted with a factory specific color.

What Makes AQS Different?

Wheel Repair is tricky business – curb rash often deforms or even removes metal from the rim. AQS starts by removing the wheel from the vehicle (and when required removing the tire from the rim as well). Next, the damaged area is sanded down and new metal is bonded to the existing metal. The new metal is then shaped and sanded to create a seamless repair. Finally, the entire rim is painted with the matching factory color followed by a heavy-duty clear coat. The process takes some time, but the repair is often invisible – which is our goal!

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Here is a “before” picture of a Lexus wheel with some major curb rash.

Here is a closeup of the damaged wheel.

Here is the “after” picture of a Lexus wheel – fully restored by AQS.

Here is a closeup of the repaired area.