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AQS Can Repair Most Windshield Chips, Stars, and Cracks

Have you ever followed one of those construction dump trucks with the big sign on the back that reads, “Construction Vehicle – Do Not Follow”, or “Stay Back 200 Feet”. Yah, us too. And why is it that every time we finish reading those signs we hear the crack of a rock against our windshields producing the tell tail star – the chipped windshield badge that says, “we followed too close”.

The good news is that Automotive Quality Solutions can repair most windshield chips, stars, and cracks. The key is to have them repaired as soon as possible after they happen. Dirt, grease, and grime make repairs difficult – so repairing windshield damage quickly is important to a successful repair.

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A Quick Tip from AQS

Act Quick! Windshield cracks, chips, and stars happen when you least expect them – and the quicker a repair is made – the better. But we know that you don’t have time to drop everything to get your car in to us for a windshield repair. The solution? Tape of course! Place a small piece of clear tape over the chip, crack or star – this will keep dirt, grime, and dust out of the crack until you can get your car into us for a repair. We know – pretty cool, right!